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Township Culture in Cape Town

Cape Town is effectively a tale of two cities – the cosmopolitan city center with its cluster of luxury villas that dot the Atlantic Seaboard and embrace the mountain, and the informal settlements that stretch as far as...

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Mystery Shopping In Thailand

Mystery Shopping has been a very popular practice since the 1940s for companies and market research firms all over the world. Many companies try to find out how their products and services are received and thought of by their...

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Finding A Good Wedding Planner

A wedding planner will greatly reduce your problems that you will tend to face while planning for your wedding. A lot of stress is common while preparing for your wedding and you tend to worry about the arrangements, the...

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Hunting With Air Rifles

You might think that air rifles are nothing more than toys. You had one when you were a kid right? You’d shoot cans in the backyard are practice target shooting to improve your aim but you would never hunt with an air...

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