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Month: January 2018

Hiking Escudilla Mountain – Alpine, Arizona

Escudilla Mountain was called the upside down bowl by native Americans due to it's unusual shape. It is located on the very eastern edge of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona in the White Mountains adjacent to New Mexico. The mountain is 4 hours from Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque or Las Cruces. It is in the heart of the Apache National Forest which is one of the largest National Forest in the country, combined with the adjacent Gila National Forest area in square miles is roughly the size of Yellowstone National Park. The Escudilla Mountain Trailhead is at an elevation of approximately 9,400 '. You can easily drive to the trailhead and begin your hike from that point. The trail begins by winding through a huge Aspen grove for the first mile, then gradually gains elevation until you reach a large ridge without trees which is aptly named Profanity Ridge. The next half mile is the steepest portion of the trail as you slowly climb Profanity Ridge. Once on top the Ridge the hiker is equipped with outstanding views of Terry Flat, Mount Baldy and other area landmarks. The trail then begins a descent into another meadow and then rises again through the meadow. After a short three-quarter mile hike the trail rises again steeply for the final summit push to the fire watch tower on the summit at 10,877 'elevation....

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Finding a Career in International Relations

A career in international relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling as you work on complex problems that face our world. There are many different career paths to choose from including government, academia, non profits, development, consulting, business and think tanks. Where you choose to fit in depends on your skills, experience and interests. The United States Government is a great place to work for those interested in international relations. There are countless opportunities for you to work in a variety of agencies. Some of which include development at USAID, intelligence at the CIA, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense, international trade at Department of Commerce, the peace corps and, of course, the Department of State. The State department in fact has the most famous path for aspiring international relations experts – the foreign service. This program sends you around the world to serve in both challenging and rewarding environments as you spread democracy and diplomacy. The development and non-profit sectors are ripe with opportunities for those willing to work on complex, but rewarding projects in the developing world. Many of these jobs go to individuals with specialized skills in a particular area such as micro finance, child development, and grant writing. Also, large donor organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are excellent career opportunities for those in international relations. The Gates foundation does much work...

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Range Rover Updated For 2007

The Range Rover has been known as the world's most complete luxury sport utility vehicle for years already. And now, as part of the series of ed versions of the Range Rover. updates and upgrades that it received, the Range Rover is still set to still remain in its position at the top. The lists of changes were done for the 2007 model year Range Rover. Included in the changes that the vehicle received included the cabin, its chassis, as well as off road capacities. For the 2007 model year version of the Range Rover, this vehicle would be holding as a standard feature the intuitive Terrain Response system which is more known as the TM system. This new system actually gives the driver the chance to select one of the give distinct vehicle settings so as to be able to suit the terrain that the Range Rover is traveling on. So as to be able to take care of the various road conditions, there were also upgrades and optimizations done to the vehicle's key software and hardware settings that control the powertrain, transmission, braking, stability control system and suspension system. Aside from these, the new Range Rover also holds an optional rear 'e' differential. The 'e' actually stands for electronic and it now available as a standard feature on the Supercharg Richard Beattie, the Executive Vice President of...

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Effective Cover Letters for Teaching Jobs Abroad

When you are getting serious about landing a teaching job abroad you need to consider how you are going to do it. Are you going to register with a international teaching job fair organiser like Search-Associates? Are you going to register with The International Educator (TIE) and get international teaching job alerts emailed to you daily? Are you going to trawl the internet for vacancies? Whichever strategy or combination of strategies you choose to implement you will need to write an effective cover letter that sells you as the ideal candidate. A great cover letter draws the recruiter in and leads them through your information and inspires them to look at your resume. It introduces you, outlines your experience and states why you are the best candidate for their position. When writing your cover letter keep these suggestions in mind and you will increase the effectiveness of your letter: Differentiate While most recruiters are clued up enough to know that you are probably applying to more than just their international school, it is not good practice to make it obvious. When you write your cover letter you should include a sentence or two about why you want to teach at their school. Reasons you may include are; you have experience in the curricula offered, your children have experience in the curricula offered, you like teaching in small (big, single...

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How to Invest in Rice: 5 Suggestions for the Savvy Investor

Ever thought about how to invest in rice? This article will provide 5 suggestions on how a savvy investor could get involved in this commodity market. Until recently the opportunity for the retail investor to invest directly into rice farm land would not have been possible. This direct investment opportunity would have only been available to investment funds. All that has changed now as one alternative investment company has introduced an investment where the investor can invest directly into African Rice land. This investment would cost the investor £5,850 and would secure 3 hectares of prime rice land for 49 years. The investor would get a annula return of around 15% and benefit from capital appreciation in the land itself. If the investor was prepared to hold this investment for 5 years they could expect to achieve 287% on their initial investment. If you wanted to invest within the financial markets, the purchase of a Rough Rice futures contract could be the way to go. Its symbol is ZR. The Rough Rice Futures contract is quoted on the price per bushel which currently is around $14.50. The number of bushels in a full contract is 2000. They are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade and the minimum price movement on the contract is $10. This market is only available to high net worth investors, and many brokers will...

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