There are various significant factors determining international shipping rates. And since shipping companies provide packages depending on the requirements and circumstances of individual clients, international shipping rates differ greatly from one customer to another. Let us discuss some of the significant factors determining these rates:

Mode of Shipping : The shipping methods play a major role in determining the rates for shipping goods internationally. For example, rates different depending on your choice of whole container or container sharing service. Whole containers, which you need in case you are relocating to a new place and need to ship a large number of goods, would unduly cost you more that container sharing services. Again, the type of goods that you need to ship also contributes to the shipping rates. For example, you would definitely need to pay more for fragile and delicate things that need to be packed with special and extra care. The higher costs of these goods are also because you need to pay extra insurance for fragile goods. Again, goods like vehicles, furniture, etc. that are structurally large, involve higher shipping rates than smaller and lighter items such as clothes, household goods etc.

Means of Transport : The transportation methods you opt for contributing greatly in determining the international shipping rates, which does not specifically include the journey across the ocean. Land transport, which involves door-to door service for shipping your goods, is also included in the shipping rates. Most reputed shipping services offers two types of transport methods, namely port-to-port and dock-to-dock, which you have the option to choose from in accordance with your requirements, conveniences and budget. You can therefore choose to avail road services that are either provided both at origin and destination or one of the two.

Shipping Destination : International shipping rates are also significantly determined by the destination that your goods need to be shipped to. The travel distance and the difficulties can immensely affect the shipping rates. In addition, the demographic weight and height of the goods are also taken into consideration while determining the rates based on the shipping destination. It is therefore advisable to make a research of the location you intend to ship your goods to in order to understand the ways shipping rates are determined.

Weight of Goods : The weight of the shipment is another significant factor affecting the international shipping costs. The weight measurements are usually done by using a scale that can carry out the measurement tasks by combining mass properties of the goods with their height. However, items that need to be crated are priced differently. The shipping rates for these items are determined by measuring the length, height and weight of the goods. Again, in case you choose to ship your goods on pallets, they are usually measured on the basis of "load".

The above mentioned factors, along with others determine international shipping costs. It is important to obtain necessary information on all the packages and options available for you to avail the best deals. The internet is one of the best sources for acquiring important information.

Source by Donald Finch